Apache Springs Ranch

Hiking Trails

A trip to the ranch wouldn’t be complete without taking a walk into one of the canyons and heading west. Start out at the old barn and wander down the trail.
There are also numerous trails west of the ranch. Just ask a staff member for some directions and a forestry map and pack lots of water. We also recommend driving west to the end of either Cave Canyon Road or Gardner Road and hiking up a portion of Mount Wrightson which, at 9,453 feet, is the tallest peak in the Santa Ritas. This is designated wilderness area of the Coronado National Forest and that means no bicycles or other mechanical means of travel. Horses, of course, are always welcome. The Gardner Trail #143 and the Cave Canyon Trail #149 on the East side of the Santa Rita Mountains are both excellent choices and you are unlikely to encounter other hikers on these rarely used trails.
If you are hiking in the late summer or Fall, try not to step into the mounds of bear scat containing the berries that the Black Bears enjoy (particularly on the Gardner trail) and keep an eye (or two) open for any signs of the elusive mountain lions that inhabit the area. Always remain aware and please travel in groups of at least two.
There are venomous snakes in Arizona so wearing long pants made of tough material, is recommended. We haven’t lost any guests yet and we’d prefer to keep it that way. Remember the drinking water!” It would be nice to keep the links that are in the current site, to such things as “venomous snakes” (please note it was spelled incorrectly on our previous site), Gardner Trail #143 and Cave Canyon Trail #149.